Woodside Pre School is a partner of the South Pennine Academies Tel: 01484 503110

Reporting Absence

Child absence

In cases of absence, parents/carers must inform Woodside Pre School using one of the methods below. Woodside will also need to know when your child is expected to return to the Pre School.

Please note, if your child has been absent from Pre School due to Sickness and Diarrhoea they will need to remain absent for a further 48 hours.

If a child's absence is prolonged you may be required to produce a doctor’s note.

      Mobile: 07738683750
Telephone: 01484 503114


Staff absence

On the first day of your absence you must inform Woodside Pre School Manager or Deputy Manager by 7:30am.
For everyday that you are ill, you must inform the manager or deputy manager by 3pm.
To report your absence to the Pre School, please use one of the methods below.
Mobile: 07738683750
Telephone: 01484 503114